Sukhvinder Saini (Sunny)

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About Sukhvinder Saini (Sunny)

Sukhvinder Saini has completed a Degree in Electronics from Kurukshetra University, India. He has worked in various Industries ranging from Textile, Apparels, Logistics, Hospitality & Transportation in consumer facing functions as Sales & Marketing, Merchandising. He has been in International Marketing and has traversed across the globe that helps him to relate to people from different geographies, to understand their taste and preferences. Sukhvinder has more than two decades of experience ranging from a C-Suite corporate honcho to an entrepreneurial experience. In all his stints he relentlessly followed his heart to see his customer smile, satisfied and delighted.


In pursuit of serving people, Sukhvinder has ventured into the Real Estate Industry. He is well acquainted with the terrains of Calgary having resided for more than a decade. He can sense the crests and troughs in the real estate and that for sure keeps him abreast of the competition. He is known as “Go to Man” in the community for his extrovert and selfless attitude. He is a wanderer by choice, fun and nature loving, a socialite for a cause.

Language: English, Hindi & Punjabi

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